Gifted Students Can Now Apply for Young Scholars Program

Gifted and advanced students should consider applying to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's Young Scholars Program, which provides guidance and support for high-achieving students who need financial assistance in middle school through college and beyond. Students apply to the program at the end of seventh grade and start the program during eighth grade.

The program allows high-ability students to tailor their education to their specific needs through summer programs, distance learning, and arts programs. Students who apply to the program perform well academically, are involved in extracurriculars, and exhibit strong financial need. Additionally, students remain in close contact with an educational adviser to develop Individual Learning Plans that will allow the students to create a path to reach their goals. Past scholars have been featured in the news, created award-winning films, and developed international research trips.

The deadline to apply to the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's Young Scholars Program is coming up soon. Applications are due on April 16, 2012.