Seeking Item Analysis Data Collection Examiners for SIGS-2

Prufrock Press is currently seeking examiners to participate in field-testing for the revision of the Scales for Identifying Gifted Students (SIGS; Ryser & McConnell). The second edition of the SIGS will include both a Web-based and print edition.

This established instrument consists of a school rating scale and a parent rating scale and is a quick, effective test for assessing the characteristics of students who are gifted in the following areas:
  1. General intellectual ability
  2. Creativity
  3. Leadership
  4. Language arts
  5. Mathematics
  6. Science
  7. Social studies
Time Commitment and Compensation
  • The SIGS takes approximately 15 minutes for a rater to complete.
  • Ratings are completed online.
  • Prufrock Press needs at least 10 students rated (by a teacher and the parent/guardian) at each age of 5–13 (i.e., 10 students for each of the nine ages, minimum total of 90 students).
  • Monetary compensation is $450.00.
Rater Criteria
  • The SIGS School Rating Scale is to be completed by the student’s teacher.
  • The SIGS Home Rating Scale is to be completed by the student’s parent or guardian.
Student Criteria
  • Ages 5–13
  • Either gender
  • Any race and ethnic category
  • Full-time general education
  • Not identified as gifted and not low functioning (5% LD, ADHD is alright)
To participate or obtain more information, please e-mail Chris Anne Worsham and include "SIGS-2" in the subject line.