Explore New Technologies With Your Gifted Student

The summer is the perfect time for you and your gifted student to explore new technologies that can not only enrich your child’s education, but also improve his or her career prospects for the future, as having a wide array of technological skills is of increasing importance in many fields. Edutopia is here to help. Amy Erin Borovoy, Edutopia’s digital media curator, recently posted a blog that shares links that can help you and your child become familiar with useful tools such as Google docs, Prezi, and Dropbox. These practical and increasingly popular tools make collaborating with, presenting to, and sharing information with others an easy and enjoyable process. Amy also shares various tools that help students with digital storytelling. Use the extra time in the summer in a fun and productive way by exploring these tools with your student.

Amy's post is also useful for teachers who want to incorporate technology into their lessons. And for those instructors who want more information, our books High-Tech Teaching Success! and Strategies for the Tech-Savvy Classroom are also great resources!