NPR Radio Hour Highlights New Models for Creative Learning

This week’s NPR TED Radio Hour, entitled “Building a Better Classroom,” features three TED talks, a series of  influential and inventive speakers discussing a variety of issues. These three talks center on how we might enrich our education system by rethinking some of its fundamental elements.

Ken Robinson discusses the ways in which our current model of education often inhibits creativity by focusing on making students productive workers rather than nurturing their creativity. Salaman Khan talks about a new way that teachers are using videos to educate students; in the “flipped classroom,” teachers have students watch video lessons outside of class in order to free up time for interaction in class, a radical model many educators are beginning to endorse. John Hunter talks about using a political science simulation he developed, the World Peace Game, to teach kids complex lessons and promote long-term peace and stability in society.

These talks are worth a listen for anyone interested in new ways to nurture our students’ creativity.