Tips for Publishing in the YA Market From Victoria Hanley

Interested in hearing more from Victoria Hanley, the author of Wild Ink? Check out these blogs for guests posts related to publishing for the young adult market.

For information on what to do before you start writing for the young adult market, check out Hanley's post on Fiction Folio. If you're having trouble finding time to write, Hanley has some advice for how to combat that problem.

In this post on Wastepaper Prose, Hanley discusses the three different age groups that exist within the young adult market. You can read more about defining young adult here.

Want to know where young adult publishing is heading? Hanley discusses publishing tips and young adult market trends in this post on Adventures in YA & Children's Publishing blog.

Hanley also talks about her inspiration for becoming a writer, creating conflict, the variety of challenges that she experiences while writing, and other tips for writing an exciting novel for the young adult market.

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