Parent Advocacy for Gifted Education


by Bethany Johnsen

Gifted education advocacy received an in-depth look recently in this article from Education Week, “Parents Press for Attention to Programs for Gifted Students.” Quoting leaders in the field, including Prufrock authors Tracy Cross and Donna Ford, the article discusses the obstacles facing gifted education and what parents are doing to pursue academic challenge for their bright kids. From a parent group that persuaded its district to open a school serving advanced learners, to advocates who convinced Washington state to require that its districts offer gifted education, there are some inspirational anecdotes dotting the funding-barren landscape.

How can parents obtain gifted services for their children from cash-strapped districts that don’t view challenging their high scorers as a priority? A recommendation echoed in the article is for strong lobbying: A diverse group of parents that band together is more effective than an isolated voice. Lobbying for gifted education at the legislative level can also be effective, as the case in Washington demonstrates. In addition to the parent resources listed in the article, be sure to check out our free guide developed in collaboration with the National Association for Gifted Children, Starting & Sustaining a Parent Group to Support Gifted Children.