We're Seeking Teacher-Authors Who Love History

by Joel McIntosh

Are you a social studies teacher or someone who loves offbeat stories from America's past? Love spinning a tale based on historical evidence? If you have always wanted to try your hand at writing children's nonfiction and know you can tell some great stories from America's past, we want you hear from you.

At Prufrock Press, we want to build a new series of high-interest children's nonfiction books based on American history, and we are on a search for great teacher-authors to participate in the writing project.

Imagine a series of children's books (ages 8-12) based around the themes of ...

  • history's mysteries,
  • strange histories, or
  • hidden or forgotten histories.

Initially, we imagine specific books in the series would target periods or events such as the American Revolution, the Civil War, disasters in American history (e.g., the Hindenburg, Chicago Fire, 1918 flu pandemic, etc.), strange explorations, or surprising inventions. However, if you have a different idea, we would love to hear it.


Engage and Excite with Stories, Puzzles, Fun Facts, Games ...

These books will be high-interest paperbacks. Although these are nonfiction books, they should capture a child's imagination.

Your approach can focus on the funny, wacky, gross, mysterious, or highly unusual. Your format might be stories, puzzles, fun facts, or games. We’re open to any creative approach that taps into a child’s interests and holds his or her attention.

The audience will be kids who find delight in the unusual and surprising and who love to read. The books in this series will be sold in bookstores in the children’s nonfiction category, so they need to have strong appeal for the kids who are drawn to that area of the store.

Interested in Being an Author?

If the idea for children's non-fiction histories excites you, we want to hear from you. Visit our Children's Nonfiction History Books Prospectus Guidelines, prepare a prospectus, and send it to us! We can't wait to hear from you.