Interview With Art Spiegelman

by Rachel Taliaferro

As the editing process for the upcoming Teaching Graphic Novels in the Classroom: Building Literacy and Comprehension swiftly comes to a close, I've found myself increasingly impatient to see the book in its final illustrated, printed-and-bound glory. A guide to seven different genres of graphic novel and how to teach them in the English classroom, this book has been refreshingly different from any other I've edited here at Prufrock.


To hold me over until the book's release in November, I've been reading everything I can on graphic novels and found this NEA Arts  (the magazine for the National Endowment for the Arts) interview with Art Spiegelman. Spiegelman's Maus is covered in Chapter 7 of Teaching Graphic Novels, and this interview is an excellent primer for what's in the book. In the interview, Spiegelman gives some personal context to the making of Maus, talks about his relationship with the medium, and even gives his opinion on the phrase "graphic novel."