The "Created Equal" Project in the Gifted Classroom

by Bethany Johnsen

No gifted educator should miss out on the important social studies resources from the recently launched film project by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Created Equal: America’s Civil Rights Struggle. The project centers on four moving films that document the long civil rights movement in the U.S., The Abolitionists, Slavery by Another Name, Freedom Riders, and The Loving Story, exploring the themes of equality under the law, the power of the individual, and the strategy of nonviolence.

created equal.jpg

The film set will be released to 500 communities across the nation, accompanied by resources to guide public discussion programs. Consult the Public Programming Guide to develop a screening for your classroom or community, or find out about the nearest screening here (the listing has not yet been posted, so check in the future for updates). The Created Equal project comes with extensive teacher resources that align with the Common Core State Standards.